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## A Reflection on Self-Reliance and the Power of Help

## A Reflection on Self-Reliance and the Power of Help

I've been pondering lately, wondering if I've been too self-reliant. I've always seen myself as a helper, so the idea of needing help from others seemed unnecessary. It's like my left arm - it's not as strong as my right, so I don't use it as much. But that doesn't mean I don't expect it to perform when my right arm is overloaded.

This is similar to my relationship with God. I haven't spent enough time strengthening this bond, just like I haven't worked on building up my left arm. As a result, I struggle with tasks that should be simple, like opening a jar or holding a drink with my left hand. My right hand always comes out on top, but in doing so, it's also becoming overworked.

God gave me two arms for a reason, just like He sent additional help into my life. All I needed to do was accept it and let it guide me towards a better path. This would free me up to fulfill the purpose God has set for me.

Imagine breaking your dominant arm and having to rely solely on the other. Often, we only accept help when circumstances force us to. But what if we allowed things to flow naturally? Everyone could strengthen their abilities and be ready to lend a hand when tough times come. They might even be able to take on more responsibilities because they've observed and learned how to handle various situations.

I hope this analogy isn't too confusing. What I'm trying to say is that my relationships with others mirror my relationship with God. When God knocks on the door of our lives, we should let Him in right away. Doing so will bless our lives and those around us, even during difficult times. We'll be able to see and appreciate the beauty in every situation. Remember, you are loved!

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