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Traveling in the Wrong Direction

One time, I was driving on I-10 West and something strange happened. My car got really close to another car on the bridge. It was like we were stuck together, moving in perfect sync without crashing. Everything was fine until my car suddenly spun out of control and stopped, facing the wrong way on the highway. I tried to start the engine but it wouldn't work. Other cars were zooming towards me. Just when it seemed like a crash was going to happen, they all stopped, and my car finally started. I managed to pull over, calm down, and then I could drive the right way again.

This story is more than just about a car ride. It's like my life. I used to be close to God, not quite connecting but still on track. Then I decided to go my own way, and that's when everything turned upside down. My life was a mess, just like my car spinning out. But I learned that God's kindness is always there, even though I shouldn't take it for granted. Walking with God might seem tough, but going against Him is even harder. I wasted time, money, and almost lost my sanity and life. Now, I've found a new start and I'm excited to see where it leads. Are you curious about the details?

Stay strong. If you're thinking about giving up, hold on! Find a church that tells the whole truth and loves you no matter what. Stick with it. Being consistent is important:

1. Keep seeking God

2. Show up

3. Get involved

4. Listen and follow God's words

5. Change your old ways and fight those old thoughts

6. Don't give up

It wasn't about bad habits; it was about changing my mindset. Better days are ahead, and I believe the future will be brighter. I care about each of you!

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